Top 6 Bolt Movie Details

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In the movie Bolt (2008), Penny and Bolt take the same route to go play in the yard every day. o r/DesirePath

In the opening sequence of Bolt (2008), scenes are tinted green, resembling The Matrix's technique of distinguishing the real world versus the fake world


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  1. The main character is voiced by John Travolta and says the line "Stay cool. You're cool, Bolty." Which sounds like a nod to Pulp Fiction's "Be Cool" scene in which Travolta also starred in.

Easter Eggs

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  • 1 - . The address on Bolt's tag is for the Disney Animation Building
    . The address on Bolt's tag is for the Disney Animation Building
  • A bus on the highway is seen with the number 2525 on it's roof; the same number of the bus from the movie Speed.

Hidden Details

Bolt poster
Bolt poster

Bolt Plot: The canine star of a fictional sci-fi/action show that believes his powers are real embarks on a cross country trek to save his co-star from a threat he believes is just as real.

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Genre Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Family
Director Byron Howard
Main Actors John Travolta, Miley Cyrus, Susie Essman, Mark Walton
IMDB score 6.8