Street Fighter Movie Facts, Easter Eggs and hidden details

4 of the most interesting Street Fighter easter eggs you didn't know about. Handpicked and verified, these little-known hidden details can be obscure enough most people will miss. These behind the scene easter eggs and hidden messages will give you another view of Street Fighter movie message.

Street Fighter poster
Street Fighter poster
Street Fighter Plot

Col. Guile and various other martial arts heroes fight against the tyranny of Dictator M. Bison and his cohorts.

Genre Action, Adventure, Comedy, Thriller
Director Steven E. de Souza
Stars Jean-Claude Van Damme, Raul Julia, Ming-Na Wen, Damian Chapa
IMDB score 4.0

Street Fighter Movie Trivia

Raul Julia's final role was the villainous M. Bison in "Street Fighter" (1994), which he filmed while dying from stomach cancer. He took the role because his children loved the franchise and he wanted to star in a film they could enjoy.

Street Fighter movie hidden details

M. Bison's control panel is actually a joystick from Street Fighter 2 arcade cabinet

Early on in M. Bison's lair, we get a taste of his artwork. One piece being a homage to John Wayne Gacy's Pogo the Clown.

1 - General Bison's Console is a Joystick.

General Bison's Console is a Joystick.